How can we transfer basic maintenance knowledge effectively to the next generation?

Everyone seems to complain about the lack of young people coming into maintenance.

Here are 5 easy ways to do something about it!

You can tell from the covers these books are different then everything else you’ve seen.


Preventive Maintenance


Defect Elimination


Reliability and Fundamentals


Maintenance quality



Elements of Great Maintenance Management is our new series that provides fundamentals of maintenance training for the next generation!

You already know that:
  • Attention spans are short.
  • Old-school manuals and texts don’t cut it
  • Many of your students prefer graphic novels to long paragraphs and small print
  • Humans learn best with stories - this has worked for thousands of years

The books are fun to read and bring the basics to people coming into the field. Order any one of these new books for free and see how they fit into your curriculum. Just fill in the form with your street address and we will send it to you free of charge.