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ISBN 979-8627700458: Want more reliability? Then eliminate defects- NOW!

Quest for Defect Elimination is a full-color graphic novel that provides the basics of defect elimination and shows the quest to achieve fewer defects.

In manufacturing, fewer defects mean better quality, better yield, higher energy efficiency, and fewer machine breakdowns. In equipment maintenance, fewer defects lead to fewer breakdowns and higher reliability. Almost all the programs to improve production and reliability in the last 40 years have one thing in common. They eliminated defects.

Eliminating defects is a quest that will test your grit and strength. Once on the journey, you will find friends to help you and enemies that will fight you tooth and nail passively and actively. "Quest for Defect Elimination" will prepare you for your unique journey.

The key to effective defect elimination is to maintain a steady diet of small projects so that gradually the number of defects entering your process is lower than the number of defects getting removed.

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Sanya Mathura, Author & Managing Director at Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd

"A captivating novel of the battle that reliability faces within most industrial plants! Joel expertly maneuvers the challenges that teams struggle with daily and provides quick and cost-effective methods of implementing changes that can positively affect your equipment's reliability. Overall, a great way to foster camaraderie amongst peers and get everyone on board with reliability."

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