Elements of Great Maintenance Management Webinars

Want to use the Elements of Great Maintenance Management for training?

Each book in the series can be used as a textbook to study a concentrated area. Each book has an accompanying training (both online and on-site) of 1 to several hours. They can easily be extended into complete training classes. See below

Training from The Quest for Defect Elimination-

One easy way to transform your corporate culture Your culture will shift when enough people realize that eliminating defects reduces workload, improves quality, and improves financial results. With less workload, your people have time to work on more complicated, intractable, and potentially critical issues.

Topics for this event:
  • What is a defect, and where to look?
  • Why eliminate defects?
  • All DE activity consists of basic actions.
  • Rules for Defect Elimination projects
  • Why these actions transform organizations
  • What are some of the resistances you’ll face?
  • Building your Defect Elimination team
Learning objectives
  • Understand Defects and their impact on your maintenance and operations.
  • Anticipating and dealing with resistance, and how does culture shift?
  • How to choose the right projects

Training from Stories of PM, A Complete Primer of Preventive Maintenance

We start with what PM does not mean and what it will not do.

What we will cover in this webinar is:
  • What is PM? The four parts of PM include determining how the asset could fail, inspection, TLC (basic maintenance), fix problems found.
  • PM is supposed to extend the life of your machine or asset or detect when a component starts to go bad.?
  • How does PM work, featuring a simple diagram of the steps?
  • What are the primary tasks to make assets last longer (hint: TLC)?
  • How to see versus looking
  • Statutory maintenance- don’t forget
  • The inspection takes experience, not for newbies, because it requires a good deal of knowledge and experience with the machine.
  • How Preventive Maintenance fits into the origin of the universe (a short discussion in cosmology)
  • The long history of PM from the Egyptian Pyramids to the Romans to the American Revolution
  • Two secrets of PM

Training from The Battle for Reliability- Fundamentals Win the Day

discusses industry’s critical need to focus on maintenance fundamentals to avoid unscheduled shutdowns from breakdowns. It shows that even with the current focus on hi-tech sensors and software, everyday failures are still killing productivity. This short webinar shows how creativity can solve repetitive reliability problems. In the end, ideas for projects generated from the rank and file can inexpensively and quickly improve reliability