Lean Maintenance One-day Course Agenda

  1. Techniques for continuous improvement including inputs to maintenance.
  2. Where to get data to support cost saving plans.
  3. Brainstorming sessions specifically designed to uncover waste.
  4. Where to focus attention and where to look for the ‘low hanging fruit’.
  5. Priority system is introduced to insure actionable projects. Groups set priority for each idea based on proprietary measures.
  6. Groups develop list of projects in priority order
  7. Forms are offered to help groups refine and write-up one idea
  8. Rigorous formats are employed to insure projects are thought through, and different aspects are reviewed.
  9. How to conduct a cost analysis on a money saving project.
  10. How to determine ROI (Return on Investment), Payback and develop a metric to demonstrate success or failure.
  11. How to get these projects done in the real world.
  12. Assign management mentor that will provide: money that was budgeted, run interference, supplies, help, faith, access to assets and resources, whatever else is needed
  13. How to write success stories. Pass stories on to management
  • Lean Maintenance 1 day public presentations
    • 2008 speech and training Lean Maintenance, IMC Bonita Springs, FL, USA
    • 2008 speech and panel discussion Lean Maintenance PEMAC Toronto, Canada
    • 2009 speech Lean Maintenance ACEIM Bogota, Columbia
    • 2009 training Lean Maintenance Trainmar Port of Spain, Trinidad
    • 2009 Training session Lean Maintenance Saudi Engineering Council Dammam, Saudi Arabia
    • 2009 keynote and training MARTS Chicago, IL, USA