Lean Maintenance – a 21st Century Approach

Lean Maintenance 1-day intensive class Toronto,Canada

This course is designed for all levels of maintenance personnel, particularly maintenance workers, supervisors, planners; managers, and maintenance engineers can also take it. The course works best when people from different levels, jobs or plants take it together. A diversity of opinions and experiences is desired.

Our promise for this program is that your LEAN MAINTENANCE teams will leave here ready to identify and reduce waste. Typically this results in your organization saving money, resources, and increasing uptime of your productive assets.

These changes themselves lead to additional benefits, including improvements in morale, benefits for corporate/community relationships and shareholder pride. Lean, in many cases, is green, not just for the financial payback but also in terms of reducing the corporate environmental footprint, thus raising corporate credibility among environmentally conscious consumers.

Our course teaches specific techniques for locating and attacking waste, and reducing costs of operation. The outcome of the session is a series of Lean projects ready for execution. The projects will be designed, prioritized and justified within some of the exercises during the workshop.

Lean projects frequently result in rapid paybacks, often creating noticeable improvements in days or weeks. Thus your investment in this training should be repaid almost immediately.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • How to uncover real waste in your operation
  • How to solve problems and make the solutions stick
  • Find the low hanging fruit (just waiting for you to pick it!)
  • Identifying which other projects are the winners among all the waste uncovered
  • Designing Lean projects from beginning to end
  • Strategies for gaining top management support
  • Executing your project for minimum resistance and maximum results
  • Getting credit for your department and your own hard work
  • Demonstrating your return on Investment
  • Upgrading the perception of maintenance in your own organization

We have created several additional formats for supporting your effort. These include:

Our 30 minute audio CD, Lean Maintenance in a Nutshell, great for introducing people to the ideas and reasons behind Lean Maintenance

Our Lean Toolbox, a remarkable self-study course full of techniques, tips and tricks to show you how to identify waste and implement lean projects in the area of maintenance. This package includes audio CDs, forms, instructions, narrated PowerPoints and an hour with author and consultant Joel Levitt, just to get you started

Our Lean Maintenance reference text, described further below.

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Lean CMMS Webinar

Link to Free Streaming Audio Tracks:

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Written for anyone in a leadership position in maintenance, storeroom or production, this unique book will also be found useful by vendors to the maintenance departments, including maintenance contractors, parts vendors, and various kinds of service providers. As a practical book, Lean Maintenance will take the reader on a journey from uncovering waste, designing projects to address the waste, selling the projects to management and delivering the projects. Every area in maintenance is covered, including your TPM effort, storeroom, PM tasking, work orders and computer systems. What's more, the user will be able to immediately use this book to start the process of saving money, energy, or time within just one hour! Purchase here and you can get this book signed by the Author.