How can we transfer basic maintenance knowledge effectively to the next generation?

Quality is Not an Accident, The Challenge of Managing Maintenance Quality

ISBN: 9798842723751

What stands in the way of quality maintenance work?

Quality of work depends on everything going right. For years we've tended to blame the maintainers when quality suffers. Now we realize there are barriers to quality, independent of the person. These barriers are named and, when addressed, will improve the quality of your whole maintenance effort.

Quality issues are directly related to safety issues; at the core of both are mistakes. Quality is Not an Accident will directly help you reduce all types of mistakes. This full-color graphic novel is fun to read and covers the basics of managing quality.

This work investigates the barriers to quality, the relationship between mistakes and bad quality, and accidents.

Quality is no Accident is the fourth book in the Elements of Great Maintenance Management series, designed to educate practitioners on the basics of some, often complex, but vital maintenance ideas.

What do experts in the field say:
Rolly Angeles, Consultant at RSA Reliability and Maintenance Consultancy Firm (Philippines)

Joel Levitt is one of the maintenance gurus I admire and have much respect for. I have purchased some of his books which I used for reference. There are many authors out there, which you will have a difficult time digesting the contents of the book. Joel has found a way of overcoming this by writing a book in an animated format where it is straightforward to understand.

If you are looking for a smart way to improve your plant, I highly recommend this book by Joel Levitt, which you can finish reading in one sitting. I give this book two thumbs up.

Quality is a motivator.

W.E. Deming said, "The greatest motivator for workers is pride in a job well done."