Basics of Fleet Maintenance - 2-day Course Agenda

  1. Responsibilities of fleet management
    • Overview of responsibilities
    • Benefits of effective management
    • Alternative management systems
  2. Conducting a fleet self-audit
    • Measuring fleet operational performance
    • Collecting usable data so you know where you are and can figure out where you want to get to
    • Identification of the 5 major cost areas
    • VMRS-- the basics for reporting in maintenance
    • The use and misuse of the repair order.
  3. Pre-planning steps for change
    • Laying the groundwork for change
    • Strategies for preparing superiors and subordinates so everyone's pulling together
    • 8 specific projects to gain control over your projects and systems
    • Finding waste before it wastes you
  4. Use these project management techniques to improve your rate of success
  5. New technologies and how to sell them to top management.
  1. Improving maintenance systems with these tried and true techniques:
    • PM
    • PdM
    • PCR
    • True cost analysis
    • Avoiding crisis mode of operation.
  2. Attacking the major cost areas of labor and parts with:
    • Methods of evaluating labor productivity
    • Improved scheduling techniques
    • Better management systems for the stockroom
    • Reducing unnecessary levels of inventory
  3. Attacking ownership and operating costs with:
    • Our best fuel saving strategies
    • Fuel purchasing and management techniques
    • When and how to trade your vehicles
    • Improve your recovery on warranties
    • Loss prevention strategies for fleets
  4. Improving personal productivity for fleet managers