Managing Factory and Process Industry Maintenance - Course Agenda

  1. 20 Steps to world class maintenance
    • The basics of great maintenance management
    • Case studies of world-class maintenance management
  2. Maintenance Fitness Questionnaire �where is your organization today?
    • Initiation and authorization of work
    • Guaranteed Maintainability
    • Training, hiring and employee development
    • CMMS
    • Purchasing, parts and stores
    • Work orders and data collection
    • Planning
    • PM, predictive and condition based maintenance
    • Budgeting for your maintenance needs
  3. CMMS
    • Analysis of data needed for equipment master record
    • Development of data for critical equipment assets
  4. Parts management
    • Are your parts eligible as insurance policy parts?
    • Consignment stores
    • Re-engineering.
  5. Improve efficiency and accuracy by refining the basic work request
    • Reducing �wild goose chases� through better communication and appropriate forms management
  1. Is downtime getting your department down?
    • Evaluate sources and impacts of downtime exposure. In most plants the cost of downtime far exceeds the cost of maintenance.
    • Strategies for predicting and minimizing unplanned outages
  2. Case study in Job Planning
    • Make use of the six essentials of job planning
    • Adopt our planning model to save time and money on the shop floor
  3. Analyze your PM tasks to efficiently allocate time and materials.
  4. Zero-base budgeting for Preventive Maintenance
    • Proves the case for a change in maintenance orientation for your own people and for senior management
    • Points the way toward better systems and areas for improvement
  5. TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
    • Introduction to the use and implementation
    • Tips for effective task selection, task design and management
  6. Focus on maintenance quality issues to improve quality and utility delivered to your customers
  7. Reliability Centered Maintenance basics
  8. Time management for maintenance professionals