Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages Agenda for 3-day course

Mastering the Basics of Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages
  • Language definitions
  • Size of events matter
  • Basic Skill -Meetings Exercise and discussion
  • KPIs for a shutdown
  • Comparing and contrasting project management verses typical shutdown
  • Defining Constraints
  • Cover-up
  • Communications and presentations
Group activity: Quick report card Exercise
Putting the Shutdown into time -Phases of a shutdown
  • Scheduled Audits
  • Preparing a Typical Time line -exercise
  • Instituting a long term shutdown policy
Shutdown Organization
  • Insuring great communications
  • Shutdown team titles
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Accountability tip
Master Checklist for Phase 1 Initiation Exercise
Scope of work -Inputs into the Shutdown
  • Examining the Sources of work
  • List of sources to check before closing the work list
  • Checklists for Infrared and Vibration inspection before shutdown
  • Work Validation ( get rid of duplication, subsets, and other non-essential work)
  • Packaging of work for bidding
  • Prioritization of work
Shutdown Planning- Individual job planning
  • Planning Thought Process
  • Special requirements of Large jobs
  • Planned Job package
Estimating Exercise
Risk, safety and health
  • Threat matrix
  • How to run a Safer shutdown
  • Safe work process
  • Safety risk list
  • Accident reporting process
  • Managing other risks
Scheduling (Project Management Techniques)
  • History of Project Management
Critical Path Method (CPM) Exercise
  • Key concepts for all PM techniques
  • Project management techniques
  • Gannt Charts, CPM charts
    • Display and Milestones
    • Dependencies
    • Float
    • Crashing
    • Resources
    • Logistics
    • Site plan
Managing the logistics' challenges in a shutdown
  • Effectively managing your personnel and material resources
  • Site set down plans
  • Questions to be able to answer
  • Strategic sourcing for parts, materials and supplies
Master Checklist for Phase 2 Planning, Scheduling Exercise
Contracting and Contract management
  • Legal framework
  • Tools of contracting: types, uses, important concepts
  • Legal Relationships
  • Avoiding problems
  • Example of a legal case study in shutdowns
  • Insure quality
  • Hold points
  • Shift schedules
Managing Execution
  • Shutdown the plant and Start-up the plant
  • Daily schedule and feedback
  • Shutdown review meeting agenda
  • Project leader failure techniques Exercise
  • Daily routine
Phase 3 Execution Master Checklist Exercise
Shutdown essentials
  • Accounting, costs and budgets
  • Completion
  • Reporting
  • Lessons learned
  • Files to keep and review
Phase 4 Completion of work Master Check list Exercise
Phase 5 Completion of project Master Check list Exercise
Wrap-Up Session
  • The final session reviews the topics that have been covered over the last two days,
  • Questions and discussion

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