Optimizing Maintenance Inventories and Stockrooms - 2 Day Course Agenda

  • Vision and Overview for the Stockroom and the Spares Stored There
    • World class maintenance and the inventory system necessary to support it
    • Appropriate organizational set-up
    • How the inventory and a stockroom fits into the big maintenance picture
  • Some Basics
    • What are the functions of the maintenance inventory?
    • Types and uses of inventory
    • Inventory that is not really inventory
    • Different categories mean different management strategies:
      • Insurance Policy spares
      • Capital spares
      • Consumables
  • Some Basics
    • Layout ideas to improve flow and usability of the storeroom
    • Procedures and policies for storeroom layout
    • Preservation, security and safety of materials
    • Counting strategies, including cycle counting and counting frequency
  • The Economic Stockroom
    • Economic analysis of inventory control models
      • EOQ
      • Safety stock
      • Minimum/maximum
      • ROP
      • Cost of acquisition
    • True costs of maintaining a storeroom
    • Benchmarking maintenance inventory
    • Our top ways to save money in the storeroom
  • Tried and True Strategies with Computerization
    • Inventory start-up issues, including
      • Parts catalog
      • Parts numbering strategies
      • Parts naming strategies
    • Data necessary to manage your inventory
    • Using the CMMS to manage inventory
  • Dealing with the Parts Themselves
    • Procurement: purchasing, parts interchange, and supplier identification
    • Obsolete/redundant/surplus materials
      • Reasons for obsolescence
      • Minimizing the impact of obsolescence
      • Reasons to carry some surplus items
      • Least cost strategies for identifying and disposing of surplus or obsolete items
      • True cost of a spare part
    • Standardization and codification issues
    • ABC inventory management
    • E-MRO
    • Maintenance/inventory issues:
      • Rebuild verses new
      • Make versus buy
      • OEM verses make outside considerations
    • Strategies for transferring some of the inventory function workload and capital
      • Consignment
      • Vendor contracts
      • Rack jobbing
      • Offsite guarantees
      • Outsourcing

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