One Day Planning and Scheduling Course Agenda

What is maintenance planning?
  • Why is the planning essential for smooth operations?
  • What are the advantages of planning?
Where does Planning fit Into Good Maintenance Practices?
  • Understanding the Nature of Maintenance Activities.
Complete description of the planner's job.
What are the conditions necessary for effective planning?
How to plan maintenance work
  • What are the steps in effective planning?
  • The complete planning process.
  • Estimating, Crew Size & Manpower Requirements.
  • What are the contents of a complete planned job package?
  • Plan a job exercise
Maintenance Scheduling
  • Calculating available hours from maintenance workers.
  • Scheduling Maintenance Work.
  • Coordination with Operations and Coordination meeting.
  • Create a credible schedule that takes all the constraints into account.
  • Schedule a shop exercise
Job execution and feedback with job closeout and follow up
Metrics and Benchmarking Planning and Scheduling
Completion exercise
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling in Perth, Australia