How can we transfer basic maintenance knowledge effectively to the next generation?


Battle for Reliability, Fundamentals Win the Day

ISBN: 9798598795286

What is reliability, and how, on Earth, do we get more of it?

The Battle for Reliability is a graphic novel teaching the critical need for all industries to focus on maintenance fundamentals to avoid unscheduled shutdowns from breakdowns. The battle for Reliability shows that everyday failures are still killing productivity even with the current focus on hi-tech sensors and software.

This easy-to-read full-color graphic novel shows how creativity can solve repetitive reliability problems. In the end, ideas for projects generated from the rank and file can inexpensively and quickly improve reliability.

Goal: To raise awareness of basic maintenance and its impact on reliability. Focus on small, focused actions.

Don Fitchett, President - Maintenance, Engineering Training Co., Nevada

"Although we had heard many of those perspectives in Joel's book from the stakeholders before, it is nice to have them in one presentation to get a better sense of the big picture.

The 3D analysis lab was super cool! The real-world examples and learning process I watched (read?) play out was of great value to the story. Your book Joel is a real piece of art. You wrote it in such a way that it is relatable to everyone. It didn't hurt that I have a soft spot for superhero comics. :) Thanks for sharing."