Laser Focused Training

Laser Focused Training for maintenance, reliability and asset management

What is it?

Laser Focused Training is short, to the point, and specific in all aspects of managing maintenance, reliability and asset management. It is the right information into the right hands at the right time at the right cost.

Training Reality:

You and your team are so busy it is impossible for everyone to get away for multiday training. In fact, in some plants, it is difficult to take anyone away, even for essential training. The idea of getting everyone on the same page at the same time about anything is just a dream (probably more like a nightmare!).

We solved your problem:
  • Bring the precise training you need to your team in bite sized (1 hour) chunks
  • NO travel costs or time for your team or instructor
  • No downtime or loss of coverage except while in session. 1-hour at a time
  • All training performed live, professionally produced, in 1-hour webinars on the topic you need to 1-250 people
  • In short, you can train the whole team, where ever they are in the world at one time (or at several times convenient to the teams shift assignments and time zones).
  • Each session is recorded so people that missed it can see the training and everyone can review the material at their leisure.
  • You can organize several sections to cover a big topic (weekly, monthly or to your schedule)
  • Your whole team hears the same message
  • Develop common vocabulary
  • Ask experts questions as long as you have questions to ask (we can extend to suit your needs)
  • Pay for only and exactly the training you need
  • Costs are low and for larger groups are miniscule per person!
  • For anyone, anywhere there is an Internet connection
How is Laser Focused Training ordered and delivered
  • You will start with a conversation with our SME (subject matter expert) to determine what specific training(s) you need.
  • We can customize the session with your forms, language and in some cases your approach
  • You choose the time(s) and we will run the class.
  • We run the program, you get the training and a digital recording is made for you to use.
  • Completely custom courses, sessions can be designed and delivered for a fraction of the cost of on-site training.
Your Instructor
  • Will be an SME in the topic you chose
  • Is experienced in live training as well as college level on-line training
  • Will use the most up to date techniques keep your team engaged
  • Optionally we can issue certificates of completion
  • You will have a 100% absolute guarantee that you get the training you want, or there is no charge.
What to do
  • Get back to me by email or fill in simple form to find out more
What topics are available?
Full programs (with work books, individual session power points, printed text book, homework)
  • Introduction to Maintenance Management 5 sessions
  • Introduction to Maintenance Planning and Scheduling 5 sessions
  • Introduction to Preventive Maintenance 5 sessions
  • Introduction to Facilities Management 5 sessions
  • Introduction to Maintenance for Manufacturing and Process Industry
  • 10 Minutes a week to Great Meetings 2 sessions (a month apart)
  • 10 Minutes a week to Great Time Management 3 sessions (2 w to 1 month apart)
  • Surviving the Spare Parts Crisis 4 sessions
  • Lean Maintenance 3 sessions (a month apart)
  • Maintenance Supervision 5 sessions
Some important individual topics (1 session)
  • Safety and reliability
  • Maintenance work flow, where does work come from and Job control
  • Backlog, Determine Crew size with Backlog Trend
  • Prioritization of work
  • Goal setting and projects
  • Work order, audit and case study on evaluation of work orders*
  • Ethics for maintenance management
  • Maximizing your benefit from CMMS
  • 20 Attributes of World Class Maintenance
  • Mentoring
  • Quality and mistakes in maintenance
  • We need more problems to be the best we can be.

* Versions for any CMMS and any industry are available and should be customized to your operating environment with your fields, codes and conventions.

100s of choices of training modules for immediate use
  • We have 100’s of Specific topics in all areas of Maintenance Management, Reliability and Asset Management for immediate presentation.
    This is a partial list:
For PM alone, there are over 50 individual 1-hour segments.
  • PM Report Card PM Basics
  • Task lists
  • Common PM Tasks
  • Other aspects of the PM system or Program
  • Mandatory versus Discretionary
  • A special kind of failure: Hidden Failures
  • Explicit verses implicit tasks
  • Types of task lists, where to get the original
  • PM frequency
  • Using failure history
  • PM clocks in use
  • CMMS approaches to PM and PdM
  • Thoughts on installing a PM program
    • Reporting deterioration
    • Tying CM to the PM ticket
  • TLC (Tighten, Lubricate, Clean)
  • Task List development, class of equipment, process
    • Hidden protective devices
    • Task list: Full analysis (all aspects)
    • Conduct a workshop for existing task lists
    • Case study test of real task lists – improve?
    • Review of real task lists
    • Questions to ask and examples
  • P-F Curve
    • Ensure that PMs are done as designed
    • Reliability Enhancement Programs
      • RCM
      • PMO
      • TPM
  • Consequences: P/PM Economics
    • Past Sins- unfunded maintenance liabilities
    • Costs of PM system (your company)
    • Breakdown costs and consequences
    • Alternatives with Cost justifications
    • How to sell PM to management
  • Predictive Maintenance technologies
    • Detective Maintenance
    • Questions before you start
    • Chemical and particle Analysis Predictive tasks
    • Vibration
    • Temperature
    • Visual techniques
  • Management of PM activity
    • Planning and Scheduling PM activity
    • Access to Equipment
    • Interruptive, non-interruptive maintenance
    • Metrics
    • CMMS approaches to PM and PdM
    • Installing or upgrading CMMS
    • Short Repairs and high productivity
  • PM People issues
    • Staffing the PM Effort
    • Personality to look for in a PM inspector
    • Managing Shutdowns
    • Lean Maintenence
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Glossary of terms
  • Reality of maintenance
  • Breakdowns, Iceberg
  • Justify planner
  • Preparation for Planning
Maintenance Planning
  • Setting up Planning/scheduling
  • Steps ongoing planning/scheduling environment
  • Planner: Roles, responsibilities, qualifications
  • Planner’s check list, Planning provides*
  • (Important) and Emergency planning
  • Hints from the trenches
  • What is a planned Job package?
  • Estimating techniques, using estimates
  • JSA and Safety in planning
  • Planning Exercise construction estimates
  • Detailed Planning Questionnaire and Gap
  • Analysis
Scheduling (how is it different from planning)
  • Maintenance Calendar
  • Ready Backlog, Validate backlog
  • Develop work program
  • Coordination and Agenda for weekly coordination meeting
  • Scheduling
  • Jobs of the scheduler
How Planning and Scheduling improves productivity
  • The way productivity increases
  • Ideas – sorting jobs, scheduling together, what is the key to being able to have a schedule?
  • Scheduling uncovers problems in your operation
  • Detailed Scheduling and coordination
  • Questionnaire, gap analysis
  • Schedule compliance,
  • Direct and Indirect measures of Planning effectiveness
Maintenance Supervision
  • Introduction, Goals, Roles
  • Motivation, successful motivation techniques
  • Self-Assessment
  • Role Models
  • Decision making, Delegation, One Minute Manager
  • The Complete PM Cycle
  • Dealing with Difficult People/Situations
  • Transition, Orientation, Discipline, Special
  • Supervision Issues
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Teaching and coaching.
  • Communications maintenance supervisors
  • Managing Shutdowns
  • Lean Maintenance