Information for sponsors of seminars by Joel Levitt

Room should have controllable temperature and no excessive background noise from; construction, music, clapping and speech that we can hear (verify no other noisy things are happening during our training time). Latecomers should enter the back or back-side of the room OK to put break coffee inside room quietly.

All rooms need:

  • Bar stool or director's chair
  • Table next to bar stool with enough room for computer, work book and LCD (if needed)
  • LCD projector
  • Screen (not in glare from outside or inside lights)
  • Table or desk space for each participant
  • 24" to 30" per person width at tables
  • 1-White board and markers (tested)
  • 1-Flip chart and markers (can be the same as white board)
  • Internet access Ethernet plug or wireless
  • 2 bottles of Evian water or equal
  • Separate table and chair up front off to side
Seminar size Layout Sound Amplification
4-8 Boardroom None
9-16 "U" shaped that I can walk around in the middle None
17-36 Class room style with middle aisle 30 + (supply wireless microphone if needed)
37+ To be discussed Supply wireless microphone