What organizations are saying about Joel Levitt's maintenance trainings

Matthew Burnell has endorsed your work as trainer at Marcus Evans.

Dear Joel,
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Details of the Recommendation: "Joel is a brilliant adviser and great teacher. I was lucky to meet and learn from this man. His insight into the maintenance management world is right on target. His understanding of the importance of data collection and analysis in maintenance is profound. My understanding of data analysis in the maintenance world was a direct result of Joel Levitt's mentoring. I would strongly recommend Joel to train your managment team. He is worth every single dollar. I would coin Joel as a maintenance messiah. He and many others like him will be needed to clean up the mess from the impending maintenance tsunami sweeping American manufacturing."
Service Category: Training
Year first hired: 1996
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

"I have found Joel Levitt to be the most realistic and practical trainer I know. He can relate with the whole facility from the shop floor to the boardroom."

Steve Lindborg, Holcim (US) Inc., GM Theodore Plant

I have attended many courses in maintenance training, but none made the maintenance concepts so easy to understand and quite possible to adopt. We had a great time enjoying the way you delivered the message.

Chief Operation Officer Ali O M Adam, TADCO Saudi Arabia

Follow up note from Ali O M Adam:

Lots of thanks for this effort. This will help a lot in the implementation process . Showing others how to do things right in a friendly way is a great value that is rare to find in today's world.

Best Regards, Ali O M Adam

"I think the program should be mandatory for all maintenance supervisors"

Ollie Taylor, Hamilton Standard.

Letter forwarded to Joel Levitt regarding workshop participant REUBEN PARIAG:

Dear Mr. Pariag,
I am pleased to inform you that you have passed the Planning and Scheduling examination taken on 27th November 2009 at the University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus scoring a total of 92% ..

"My entire Maintenance Department has changed for the better because of what I have taken from these classes."

John Mullinax, Maintenance Manager, AXSYS Technologies, Inc.

Comments from session attendees in Trinidad:

"The program makes you a better Maintenance person."

Henri Gau-Gau, Maritime Authority Trinidad

"Extremely experienced & knowledgeable facilitator. Real life pertinent examples."

Nicole Kalloo, Nealco Properties Trinidad

"Instructor obviously very knowledgeable in the field and communicates effectively."

Kayode Martin, T&TEC Trinidad

"Good content; very practical applicable to our maintenance practices."

Raffie Musaib Ali, Powergen Trinidad

"Innovative ideas, good examples"

David Morrison, Seagate Technologies

"It was interesting to hear Joel reinforce what Grahame Adams and I had worked out here at Queensland News. We have introduced a couple of his tools in our planning function. To be able to sit with other planners doing similar jobs was of a benefit, as the cross pollination of ideas is always advantageous. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the workshop.

John Kluver, Engineering Supervisor, Queensland News, Australia

"Outstanding presentation. Very easy to understand."

Richard Scott, SCM Chemicals.

"Outstanding presentation. Very easy to understand."

Richard Scott, SCM Chemicals.

"This was useful and concentrated on the aspects of my field"

Joe Monaco, Pepsi Cola Bottlers.

"Very well aligned with our needs ... Very useful documentation. Experienced instructor."

Douglas Pollock, Pratt and Whitney Canada.

"Concise and to the point"

Walter Lind, Dow Chemical