Maintenance Management for Buildings and Facilities

Instructor Joel Levitt in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment complexes (large and small scale)
  • Sports venues
  • Large facilities
  • Airports, etc.

Maintenance managers, building managers, supervisors, non-maintenance directors accountable for maintenance, leads, maintenance support people and people who are training for these positions.

Our promise for this program is that you and your staff will have a new and deeper understanding of how to effectively manage and optimize maintenance for buildings, venues and facilities. This understanding will translate into quality improvements, reduced costs of operation and higher levels of user/tenant satisfaction.

This course is jam-packed with ideas, strategies and implementation techniques. We offer case studies from organizations around the world, written up in clear, straight-forward language, and thought-problems so you can apply what you learn to your own situation.

Course may also be customized for your specific needs using any of the topics from the Table of Contents of the books we offer on maintenance topics. Please go to our on-line store for more information.

Some of what you will learn:

  • Survey where you are and what changes are needed
  • How to structure a cost-saving maintenance project
  • Safety and security issues in building maintenance
  • Understanding contracts and what to watch out for
  • Stabilize or cut your on-going costs
  • Motivate your staff using our top strategies, tips and tricks
  • Get the most out of your Work Order system
  • Set up a PM system to reduce unhappy surprises
  • Save money and win over your community using eco-friendly Lean Maintenance techniques for buildings
  • Disaster recovery and risk management
  • Learn to conduct craft training, keeping vital experience in-house
  • Optimizing computerized maintenancesystems for better maintenance management
  • Increasing efficiency for small jobs

Course Agenda

This intensive course is also available in one, three and five day formats. Any format can be combined with a site visit and coaching of individual participants after the course.