Most Popular Seminars

We offer a variety of popular seminars and workshops which can be offered for half-day mini-courses to week long intensive seminars:

Title (click for details) Book Title Short Description
Maintenance Management Maintenance Management Handbook of Maintenance Management Survey course covering most of the popular strategies in current use for managing maintenance operations. Concepts including understanding the pattern in your own department, starting up TPM, economic analysis for optimum decision making, improving PM, which PdM strategy is right for you, RCM as a mission, inventory reduction, planning and scheduling.
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Coordination Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Coordination Complete course and hands-on workshop on planning and scheduling. Includes all steps for planning and scheduling maintenance work for a maintenance department including estimating, building a work list, developing a work program, coordinating with production and preparing the daily schedule.
Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages Complete course and hands-on workshop in planning and managing large maintenance projects or facilities’ shutdowns and outages. The course covers the justification and timing of shutdowns, forced vs. planned shutdowns, using work orders to define the procedures, how to plan individual jobs, basics of project management, strategies for efficient execution, wrap-up and reporting, and analyzing lessons learned.
Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors and Team Leaders Workbook Maintenance managers are often promoted from the ground floor and lack training for supervisory positions. We cover such topics as motivation of maintenance workers, supervision style, basic planning and scheduling for supervisors, strategies for dealing with difficult people, getting procedures done correctly, choosing technology, and basic time mgt. This introductory management course can be supplemented by the Advanced Management workshop described below.
Shutdown Leadership Shutdown leadership focuses on the skills and knowledge to lead the largest events of a maintenance effort. It covers, communications, decision making, difficult employees, legal contract law, time management and other topics.
Advanced Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors and Team Leaders Workbook This course builds on the topics covered in Management Skills for Supervisors (above). Topics include communications skills and strategies, advanced time management skills, developing craft training, and a section in improving your maintenance IQ.
PPM (Preventive and Predictive Maintenance The Complete Guide to Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Complete discussion on all aspects of PM. Covers our exclusive 4-dimension model including review of the engineering, management, economic and psychological aspects of Preventive Maintenance. The longer versions of this seminar may add case studies and actual work on PM from your own facilities.
TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) TPM Reloaded Introduction to TPM in a factory environment. Designed for Operations Department management, supervisors or lead hands to increase the operators’ involvement in the health of your productive assets. Covers TPM theory, preparing your people for a shift in their procedures, training for TPM, building TPM into the reporting structure, anticipating and mitigating installation problems.
Lean Maintenance Lean Maintenance This course is designed for all levels of maintenance personnel, including supervisors, planners, managers, maintenance engineers and maintenance workers. Interested in finding projects that will pay off in days, save money and time, and reduce your organization's environmental footprint all at the same time? Our Lean Maintenance workshop covers methods of uncovering waste, re-designing procedures to reduce waste, selling Lean projects to management and delivering results - FAST! Every area in maintenance may be included, including the organization’s TPM efforts, PM tasking, work orders, storerooms and computer systems.
Maintenance Management for Buildings and Facilities Workbook Complete course to manage maintenance building complexes (airports), venues (stadiums), office buildings, etc. Covers information storage systems and data, surveying your existing assets, auditing existing maintenance management structures, cost saving strategies, outsourcing and other hot topics. Complimentary to our Maintenance Management workshop above.
Maintenance Management for Factories and Process Industry Managing Factory Maintenance Complete course on managing maintenance in factories, refineries or batch plants. Factories offer unique problems and opportunities because of the high cost of downtime. This course covers the range of management approaches with that reality in mind. Complimentary to our Maintenance Management workshop above.
Basics of Fleet Maintenance Basics of Fleet Maintenance Complete course on managing truck, car, train and other vehicle fleet maintenance. Course reviews the VMRS system, gets detailed about sources of costs and ways to contain them, PM, shop management, and tricks to deal with the inventory and parts. Complimentary to our Maintenance Management workshop above.
MRO Inventory and Stockroom Management Workbook Maintenance inventories are too often confused with retail or raw material inventories, creating problems for both the maintenance department and for purchasing. Review of the issues surrounding running an effective inventory system include inventory theory, economics, EOQ, capital spares and rebuildables. Course includes data models, formulas, stock room layout information and basics of effective procedures.
Laser Focused Training Workbook Laser Focused Training is short, to the point, and specific in all aspects of managing maintenance, reliability and asset management. It is the right information into the right hands at the right time at the right cost.