Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages

Shutdown class in Mumbai, India

This program is designed for maintenance managers, supervisors or other key staffers in heavy maintenance environments including refineries, power plants, oil platforms, airports, mines, large factories, and large facilities. Designed specifically for members of the shutdown or outage teams which might also include planners, project engineers, maintenance engineers, non-maintenance managers responsible for shutdowns and people who are in training for these positions. Prior background in Project Management would be useful but not essential.

This course is 85% concerned with procedures and events taking place before the first spade of dirt is moved. The remaining 15% involves execution tactics to keep the project on course.

Our promise for this program is that you will have a new and deeper understanding of how to effectively manage large maintenance jobs such as power plant outages, refinery refits, etc. With this understanding will be the increased ability to plan for and manage such projects. You will save money and time on your next shutdown.

Course includes specific checklists, procedures and strategies that will improve your current shutdown planning and execution. The course also includes examples to demonstrate the major points.

Some of what you will learn:

  • Giant checklist of issues to consider before the shutdown
  • When and how to say no to added work
  • Using Gantt, CPM and PERT charts
  • What documents to save and how to organize them
  • Break major jobs into activities
  • Set up your shutdown team for smooth functioning
  • Where to look for help on estimates
  • Find out what shifts & structures to use and how much they really cost.
  • Controlling a shutdown
  • Project management software to assist the process
  • What to do if a shutdown gets into trouble
  • Calculating the critical paths (even if you don’t have software)
  • Which work orders and tasks come first
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current shutdown
  • Where to find some great Internet-based resources
  • Effectively budget your next shutdown, turnaround or outage
  • Managing risk on any project
  • Learn from your mistakes and institutionalize the lessons learned

Course Agenda

This intensive course is also available in one, three and five day formats. Any format can be combined with a site visit and coaching of individual participants after the course.

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Planning a shutdown? Lower your costs by reading and applying this unique reference! Originally designed as an intensive course and then honed over several years, Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages organizes the details of a maintenance shutdown into a manageable form by introducing the steps needed for a successful shutdown or outage. It includes detailed steps for each phase (initiation, planning, execution, closeout, lessons learned), massive master lists of everything you will need to do for each phase of shutdown, and numerous checklists that can immediately be put to use. Loaded with examples from many industries and actual events, this book will be an extremely useful and practical guide for maintenance managers, project engineers, supervisors, maintenance engineers, and planners working in any heavy maintenance environment. Purchase here and get this book signed by the Author.